About Polytherm

Blue Mist

Polytherm was started by two mates in Port Stephens after a visit to the USA and meeting the wonderful people from ecoFINISH. After seeing their products and colour range we knew that we had to be involved with them. 

Their aquaBRIGHT pool finish offers a unique solution to all issues and problems with pool finishes that result in the need for renovations and resurfacing. As installers of these finishes, we’re proud to be part of a success story which has a proven performance in backyards across the world.

At Polytherm, we have a strong commitment to excellence and ensuring your complete satisfaction with all resurfacing and renovation projects. When your pool has broken down, become run down, or lost its lustre and aesthetic appeal, a new coating or resurfacing will help rejuvenate your space.

Our high end residential and commercial pool resurfacing coatings are low maintenance and durable as they won’t chip, crack, or peel due to the elements. The quality and tested swimming pool coating solutions are flexible and easily repairable to avoid frequent renovations and resurfacing projects.